Grout is a cement based material that fills joints between floor and wall tiles. Grout easily absorbs grease, dirt, mold and mildew in tiny pores making floor and wall surfaces look dirty and unattractive.  

   We use alkaline and mild acidic cleanser to react and emulsify the dirt and grime. We scrub the particles and safely remove them from the tile.
  Our grout coloring changes the original grout color to give the tile a different look. We will completely color seal the grout so that dirt or contaminates can not get into the pores and cause discoloration.
​  Newly installed or perfect looking grout, we can use clear seal to keep the original color forever. You never have to use harsh chemicals and scrub again, spills and dirt just wipe away.
Grout And Tile Cleaning
Color Sealing And Clear Sealing
Grout and Tile Repairs
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   Natural stone and some man made tiles are porous and can be stained easily. Our stone sealers protect them from harmful dirt and contaminates.
  It happens and we can fix it. Most cases the repair can be done in little time without a mess.  
This step is very important to protect your project. We use the best silicone available to ensure a water tight seal around the edges.
New Tile Installation
Ceramic tile is one the most beautiful materials a homeowner can choose for Floors, Walls, Counter tops and Backsplashes.
Tile installation requires meticulous and accurate workmanship. We have been at it since 1982 and taken pride in every installation. Our professional installers will take you through a smooth and easy process to complete your project. 
  Our Enhancers brings out the natural beauty seen deep in the stones grain.
Stone Sealers and Enhancers